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PDF Converter Online FAQ


Yes, there are many free options for converting PDF files to other formats like Word, JPG, etc. Here are some recommended free PDF converters:

  • Adobe Acrobat Web (browser only): Provides basic PDF to JPG, PDF to Word conversion for free on Adobe's website.
  • iBoysoft PDF Converter Online: Offers free online PDF conversion tools with size and use limits. Supports Word, Excel, JPG and more formats.
  • Google Docs: You can upload a PDF to Google Docs and convert it to an editable Doc for free. Some formatting may be lost.

Yes, it is generally safe to convert PDF files to Word documents, but there are a few things to keep in mind:

To convert safely:

  • Use a trusted PDF to Word converter tool, like iBoysoft pdf converter online and Adobe Acrobat.
  • Check the Word document thoroughly before use.
  • Apply security settings as needed to the Word file.
  • Scan for malware after conversion as an extra precaution.

So in summary, converting from PDF to Word is generally considered safe if done properly using the right tools and safety practices. Just be aware of the potential risks and limitations.


Converting PDF files online using web-based tools does carry some risks, but there are ways to do it safely:

  • Use reputable services – Stick to well-known, trustworthy sites like Adobe, Smallpdf, iBoysoft when converting PDFs online. Avoid sketchy unknown sites.
  • No sensitive data – Avoid converting PDFs with private, sensitive information using online tools. The data may go through third party servers.
  • Remove metadata first – Delete metadata like author name from the PDF if you need to convert online, in case the tool stores it.
  • Download and delete – Download converted files quickly, then delete the PDFs from the conversion tool site to minimize retention.
  • Virus scan – Scan downloaded converted files with antivirus software before use.
  • Check permissions – Use tools that don't claim broad rights to reuse your uploaded PDFs.
  • Use encryption – Enable PDF password protection before uploading for conversion if permitted.
  • Consider local software – For sensitive docs, a desktop PDF converter that doesn't upload data may be preferable.